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Polka Dots, Brights & Some Advice

by Alexandra Evjen

It’s the beginning of the year, and the time when women look ahead to spring and summer wanting to know the latest trends in fashion. While I’m definitely going to share those with you, I first want you to know that you can love fashion, have style and follow God all at the same time.

There was definitely a time in my own life that I felt guilty for wanting to be a part of the fashion industry because it is often associated with consumerism and vanity. I thought, “If I work in this industry I’m going to indirectly support the idea that buying and wearing X,Y and Z is going to make you popular, more beautiful and more significant.” It’s true that women and men to fall into these traps and purchase clothing, as well as other things, as a result of these lies. However, looking stylish doesn’t mean you’re self absorbed.

Style is an outward artistic expression of our personality. It’s why you love the color teal and I love the color coral. It’s why you like velvet and I can’t stand it. It’s why some people wear black every day and others don’t. We are called to be responsible with our money, to dress modestly and to enjoy being creative, unique individuals. Just make sure to ask yourself, “Why am I buying this?” before your next purchase so you don’t fall into traps of impulse buying and finding your value in things other than God.

Now for the spring and summer the trends!!!…

POLKA DOTS. Polka dot is a print that comes in and out of style almost every other year. It’s cute, simple and happy. I always think of the print as childlike. Sometimes that can be a bad thing, but a little polka hear and there can give your outfit a bit of life.

BRIGHTS. Eye-popping citrus colors and highlighter colors are going to be springing up all over the place. These cheery colors can scare those that prefer natural and winter tones. Have no fear! You can incorporate bits of this trend into small things like your accessories and still feel like you!

STRIPES. They were a hit last year, and they are continuing to dominate this year. Stripes are still in fashion, and you’ll find them in all colors and sizes. If you’re worried about the sometimes unpleasant optical illusion of stripes, try larger, bold stripes like the dress below. It’s flattering and styling all in one.

**All images courtesy of Kate Spade.

Which trend is your favorite and why?

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