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Ask, Seek, Knock: How to Make Your Dreams Reality

by Natalie Lynn Borton

[photo credit]

This print could not go more perfectly with what I learned this morning. Instead of listening to my usual pump-up 50 Cent-inspired Pandora station (embarrassing, but true), I decided to listen to one of the Mars Hill podcasts by Mark Driscoll. The one I picked was on the Holy Spirit, and I figured it would pass the time nicely.

Not only did it do so, but it also reminded me of a truth that this beautiful print gets across so well: we need to take action if we want to see results. If I want God to make my dreams into reality, I need to ask him, seek him out, and annoyingly knock at his proverbial door.

Let’s remember…God is our daddy! He has adopted us as his daughters and he wants us to fulfill our dreams to his glory. If you didn’t grow up with a father in your life, this is a tough concept, but regardless of whether we had a good and loving father, we need to go to God in the same way a little girl goes to her beloved dad.

She crawls up into his lap, confident of his love for her; she asks for what she really wants, without using fancy words; and she trusts that whether the answer is yes, no, or maybe, her dad hears her request and is glad that she came to him with it.

Rather than sitting back and hoping that life goes our way, let’s be women of God and start making things happen through the power of the Holy Spirit, diligence in prayer and the unending love of our Father.

What are you afraid to ask God for? What dreams are you fearful of pursuing?

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