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Springtime Again!

By March 22, 2016Seasonal

By: Juliandra Durkin

Springtime is full of birds coming out of hiding, bursts of color, and flowers that permeate the air with sweet scent. It is time to get outside and enjoy the earth that is a gift and mystery! Check out this list of fun springtime activities to do solo or to bring friends closer together. Whatever you do this spring, enjoy the way that God designed the changing seasons.

Flower PressingJanTielens

What a better way to celebrate spring then to capture some of the beauty that God gives at springtime by going outside to collect colorful plants? A flower press is a way to preserve flowers and herbs, and it doesn’t have to be expensive!

All you need is paper to absorb the water in flowers and plants such as cardboard, printer paper, or even coffee filters. Once the flowers or plants are cut flat, lay them between paper or cardboard and weigh them down with books and weights. Every few days, replace the paper, and within 2 weeks they will be dry enough to then iron between two sheets of wax paper.

There are other ways to press flowers by checking out this website

Plant SomethingNeslihanGunyadin

Spinach, Radishes, Lettuce, Impatients, Sage, Rhododendron, and Tulips… the list goes on! Look up easy plants to plant either in your yard or, stop by your local home goods store or greenhouse for a planter, soil, and plant to keep inside. This could freshen up your home as you open doors and windows to warm weather once more.

Pick StrawberriesBenilBenjamin

What could be sweeter then working outside in the sun with sticky strawberry juice running down your hands? Strawberry picking is a fun activity to do in a group and brings out the laughter in everyone. Plus, if you collect enough you could try a new recipe! If there are not any strawberry fields around that guests can come pick from, then grab a friend and donate time at a local farmers market.

Have a Picnic BenDuchac

A blanket, scenic view, and a picnic basket full of goodies already sounds like a fun way to spend an afternoon. Picnics can bring friends closer and are a relaxing way to meet new people. Add in a Frisbee or guitar and you’ll be set for a time of community and sharing.


Photo Cred: James Pritchett

about the authorJuliandra Durkin is the manager for Wonderfully Made’s blog Know Your Value. She also writes at Written Jewels, a personal blog with stories and reflections on life. Besides writing, she spends her free time exercising or out in nature. Give her a beach or a mountain; sunrise or sunset, she loves it all, especially walking her dogs in the woods! A graduate of Westmont College, Juliandra was able to attend three study abroad programs exploring Spain, parts of the Middle East, and Mexico. These experiences gave her a heart for culture and travel and she hopes to get more stamps in the passport soon!

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