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Beauty on a Mission

By March 6, 2013beauty, worth
by Alyssa Bethke

“We as women have the privilege of making things beautiful.”
The sentence rolled off of my mentor’s lips. The world stopped around me. I let the words sink deep down into the very core of my heart.
My mind started reeling, Beauty. I get to make this world more beautiful. I get to be a apart of God’s redemption plan.” My soul resonated with this very thought. Everything within me wanted to jump up and fist pump an amen. (I know, not so poised.)
Maybe you’re not the super creative one or the girly-girl. But isn’t it true that deep within us, in every girl, there is a desire to make things beautiful? Whether it’s putting on make up, painting a room, placing a vase of flowers on the table, or loving someone in a way that makes them flourish—we all want to create beauty.
Beloved, you are beautiful. God has formed you and molded you by His very hands. You were created by God Almighty and you are continually being molded to be more like Him in all of His beauty.
But here’s the thing.
It doesn’t stop there.
You are called to create beauty as well. You are called to join in God’s mission of redemption. You are called to be a sweet fragrance for Jesus. Whether that’s writing an encouraging note to someone, smiling and asking how your barista’s day has been, or hugging a child.
We, as God’s children, are to be a reflection of our Lord. Our Lord is beautiful; He is beauty Himself. I mean, look at the sunsets! The spring flowers, a baby’s toes, the cliffs that fall into the ocean—beloved, look at you. You are beautiful. You are His art work.
Know that you’re beautiful today beloved. And live on mission. Mission to bring beauty to a hurting world.
How can you bring beauty into your day & your community today? 

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