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WM Spotlight: Katie Farrell (Part Two)

by Rachel Johnson

We’re back with our Spotlight on Katie Farrell! In the first part of her interview, we learned about Dashing Dish and the inspiration behind the recipes she shares. In the second part of her interview, Katie discusses the spiritual side of Dashing Dish.

Q: To top it off, you have a spiritual component to your work – you offer a 30-day devotional that you created. Tell us about the Dashing Devotional.

The Dashing 30 Day Devotional was something that was on my heart for a long time. It all began one day when I was taking a walk, listening to a Christian book on my iPod. I began to think about how God had used books, sermon series’, study guides, and devotionals so many times throughout my life to get me rooted in the truth.

I realized that I could write out a 30-day devotional using the truths that God had revealed to me over the years. As He began to reveal His higher purpose for me over time, I began to relinquish control over my future, and I let go of my fears, doubts, and anxieties about my weight. I wanted to share these revelations with others. I believe that the Lord had me write this devotional so I could do just that, and so I could showcase His love, His freedom, and His victory.

Q: What has God revealed to you about yourself throughout your life’s journey thus far?

I have always struggled with my identity—I thought I was who society said I was. It wasn’t until I started to learn that my identity is in Christ alone that I things started to change. The Lord showed me truths in His Word, and I took each scripture as His personal love letter to me. It didn’t take long before I found my true identity in Him.

Q: How do you hope to see Dashing Dish expand in the future? You already have an incredibly robust website, a fabulous blog, and, of course, fantastic recipes and workout regimens to share. What’s next?

Truthfully, I don’t know! But I do have ideas like attending Bible college, pursuing a degree in nutrition, and publishing my cookbook.

Q: You left your job as a nurse to develop Dashing Dish. What advice would you give to women who might be on the cusp of giving up what’s comfortable in order to pursue their dreams?

I would say that if God has put a dream in your heart, pursue it! It may not mean that you should change everything in your current life, but I would encourage anyone who knows that God has put something into her life to at least start moving in the right direction.

Q: You are an inspiration to those struggling with eating disorders and body image issues. What advice can you give to readers who are feeling alone in their struggles?

First and foremost, I would encourage people to stick with the Lord. His Word promises that He will lead and guide you into the truth.

Also, don’t lean on your own understanding. Know that God wants you to feel beautiful, but in order to find true peace, each one of us must come to the realization that He created each one of our bodies in a certain way and that we are His masterpiece—don’t ever let the world’s standards of beauty tell you anything different!

How does Katie inspire you to pursue your own dreams?

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