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WM Spotlight: JJ Heller Interview

This past weekend I got to sit down and talk with the fabulous, talented and sweet-as-ever JJ Heller following a private concert at FINDINGbalance‘s “Hungry for Hope” Conference in Colorado Springs. JJ & I talked hair secrets, San Jose (our hometown!), brokenness and redemption. She also shared the story behind the writing of her hit song “Your Hands” and how it made it’s big debut on the show “So You Think You Can Dance.”

What sets JJ Heller’s music apart is her refreshing acoustic-folk style, coupled with raw and authentic lyrics that speak truth to our splintered, home-sick souls. JJ’s redemptive message of hope keeps me and her thousands of fans pressing repeat.

Sunday afternoon following the conference, I sang and prayed along to the songs from her albums “Painted Red” & “The Pretty & Plain” as I laid sprawled on the grass, soaking in in the Colorado sunshine shaded by pine trees and towering formations of red rock. I felt completely free and fully alive.

Check out JJ Heller’s website and listen to her music here. Keep watching the video to see clips from the private concert!

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