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WM Spotlight: Hilary and Kate

By March 11, 2013Uncategorized
by Allie Marie Smith

Hi Girls, I sat down with my friends Hilary Watson and Kate Feldtkeller to discuss their musical duo. I just love their style and sound and think you girls will as well. Also, if you live in California, we’re hosting a Benefit Concert for Wonderfully Made together. Learn more here

 How do you juggle life on the road with wanting to be home? How much do you travel, and what are the challenges?
Hilary: Although its sometimes a challenge,  I always do my best to keep in constant contact with friends and family back home. Wether it be a Skype session, or phone call-technology is super convenient!  Also, a portable laundry machine would be nice.
Kate: We spend a majority of our time on the road. Throughout the past 6 months we’ve literally traveled the world- from 7 different countries in Europe to the Hawaiian islands.
Tell us about how you became a full-time musician.
H- I started off playing at home bible studies and churches in High School. It basically came down to wherever there was a need I would go play.  After college a producer approached me and we started working on my first CD together.  Our booking agent (Fishers Artists Agency) found me in the middle of it all and I’ve been traveling and playing ever since.
How did you become a believer?  
H- My mom was the first of my family to come to the Lord when I was in Junior High. The Bible made such an impact on her life and so changed her that it was obvious to me that God was real and I needed to know who He was.  I went to a women’s conference with her, gave my life to the Lord and made a commitment to spend time with Him daily in the Word and in prayer.  I fell in love with Him and though there have been ups and downs since that time, He has been so faithful to keep me.

Take us through your most recent project ‘Sons and Daughters’
 K- Both Hilary and I have a huge inclination for people with heavy hearts. This song is an invitation to surrender everything you’ve got for the Lords perfect peace.  Isaiah 49:10 depicts the Lords sovereignty for us, claiming that “They shall not hunger nor thirst; neither shall the heat nor sun smite them: for he that hath mercy on them shall lead them, even by the springs of water shall he guide them.’
Where did you meet? How do you compliment each other?

H: We met in the small quaint town of Solvang.  A local church brought me in for a concert and I decided to mix it up a bit and ask around for a violinist to accompany me. Kate was recommended and she couldn’t have fit better.
 K: We both bring a little something different to the table. Hilary has a nack for paring words and formulating lyrics, while I always have a constant melody running through my head. We learn a lot from each other in these regards and continue to mesh our styles quite fluidly.
Are you comfortable with discussing your personal image? How do you stay healthy on the road.

   H: I think every girl at some point or another struggles with self-image and the same is true for us.  After you’ve been on the road for weeks, all your clothes are dirty and wrinkled and you’ve eaten pizza for a week straight, it’s easy to start feeling bad about yourself and to be honest, it can put me in a pretty bad mood haha!  But we do our best to eat as healthy as we can, we both love to keep active (hiking, biking, etc) and to not get down about it when we can’t.

How has traditional music and hymns influences your music?
H: As a song writer, I love the richness and value that the words hold. I love how the hymns describe the Lord with lack of shallowness. When I write songs I want to represent God well, and for others to understand his heart for them.

K: Being classically trained, celtic music always stood out to me. The  first time I heard the traditional piece “ Greensleeves’ played with an  irish jig, I knew I was forever changed. 🙂
Where do you find your inspiration to write?

H: All around! Whatever is surrounding my life and heart and the moment. It changes with the seasons of life.
Is this what you thought you’d be doing with your life?

K: To be honest, i’ve been at a constant teeter with music since graduating high school. I always knew it was a passion and something my heart gravitated towards, but I never thought i’d have the privilege to travel the world with it. Let alone choose it over nursing, which is something i’ve been diligently pursing until now.  Friends, the Lord is full of all sorts of surprises! 

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