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When You Don’t Feel Like Enough

By November 4, 2010Uncategorized

I don’t know about you, but I have my days – days when all I want to do is drive to Starbucks, order a decaf vanilla latte and big, sweet pastry (preferably the chocolate banana coffee cake), drive home, close the shades, flop onto my bed and put my weary head on my pillow.

I have my moments (okay, frequent moments) when I feel like if I don’t produce, don’t create, or don’t look like the way I think I should, that I have nothing of value to offer. It’s on days like this when I feel like all I should be, ought to be, need to be, resembles nothing like the woman I am. But after I’ve indulged in the bread of idleness and thrown my itty-bitty pity party, it’s with tears of gratitude that I come to my senses and humbly realize who I really am – a nobody who is somebody simply because she’s a child of the Creator of the seashore, rolly-polly bugs, shooting stars and all things beautiful. A flawed, ordinary girl, extravagantly loved by an extraordinary God. My true value (not my value to the world) is not dependant upon what I do or don’t do. Apart from my Maker and Redeemer I am absolutely nothing. “In God, “we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28).

Your significance doesn’t come from doing, but simply being. You are a daughter of God. Now hold your head up high.

Question: Do you ever feel like you have to be more, do more and have the perfect look to have significance?

Photo (C) Katee Grace.

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