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When Feelings Lie, A Poem

By September 18, 2009Uncategorized

Hey Lovelies –

Here is something I wrote tonight to an amazing young woman I adore who is questioning her value. If you have a friend who is in this place, feel free to share this simple poem with her. Let us each shine the hope we have when another’s light is dim. Love you all. -Allie

When Feelings Lie by Allie Marie Smith

You may feel alone, but you are in the company of angels
Dirty and damaged, but you are pure in His sight
Despised, but you are fully accepted.

You may believe you are worthless and of no value, but you are the darling of heaven, the bride of the King
Ugly, but God calls you beautiful
Ordinary, but you are a pearl of great price.

You may think that the world is better off without you, but it was not complete until you were made.
That you are forgotten, but you are unforgettable
That you are helpless, but one day you will help hopeless hearts.

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