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Trusting God's Timing in a Digital World

By February 4, 2014Uncategorized
by Lindsay Fay

We have power in the post, don’t we? We can express opinions, stances, feelings, rationality or commonality. Regardless of the message we share with our world of followers, we hold a powerful position when posting onto our social media sites. In a very real way, we are putting our two cents into the happenings of the world around us each time we post. Not only do we have freedom in the post, but also have the luxury of having our message arrive into the pockets, purses, and minds of others, all at the speed of light. 

Then we turn to something like prayer: a beautiful, open encounter with our God. Suddenly we may second-guess its significance when we aren’t receiving a concrete answer or response. Our prayers, attitudes, or actions toward God must be nothing; He must be absent, we must not matter. I have fallen into this trap time and time again. I get so highly consumed with the up-to-date style of my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts that I forget they are only constructions of creativity, and they at times can negatively effect my perceptions of Christ’s work in my life!

I buy into the lie that since change isn’t happening as fast as my mind is trained to think through the media today, it never will. I believe the lie that Christ isn’t working in and through me, or pouring out His grace with each new day because I can’t see it in the same way I see a new picture uploaded yesterday.

I think that those who trust God with their hearts in this generation can get frustrated because the expectation of our God to work as rapidly as our technologically instant world just isn’t feasible.

“Let us hold onto the promise that He continues to make everything perfect in His time.” Ecclesiastes 3:11

Until then, let us look ahead in hope that His timing is always intentional, and meant for our good. Let’s challenge one another, as sisters, to look ahead in hope for what is to come. Let us uplift one another through encouragement and love.

In your life, how does social media usage affect your perception of Christ at work in your life?

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