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Thriving As a Single Woman and Navigating Modern Dating — with Mandy Hale

By June 28, 2021August 24th, 2021Podcast, Uncategorized

Mandy Hale, blogger-turned New York Times-bestselling author joins us to talk about thriving as a single woman and navigating the crazy world of modern dating. Mandy shares inspiring wisdom for confidently embracing your unique story in a culture that tries to convince us we are not enough unless we are in a relationship. She shares some of the lies single women need to stop telling themselves and offers great tips for navigating dating apps. Mandy says, “There is a way to date with dignity, to refuse to let the swipe rule your life, to stand confident in your worth and not settle for less than you deserve, and to find love without losing yourself.” In her new book “Don’t Believe the Swipe,” Mandy shares her journey as a passionate and thriving forty-two year old single woman to help you “stop the madness, reclaim yourself and start swiping right — on yourself.” Be encouraged to know your value and step confidently into the life that is uniquely yours to live. Your life is precious and you have tremendous value. For more encouragement visit our website and get a free resource at