Over ten years ago, God transformed my life through Wonderfully Made and forever changed my heart. All the brokenness I felt was redeemed by God through the women in Wonderfully Made. The love and faith that I’d known growing up was reignited and renewed by reading Scripture and having an intimate relationship with the God who I no knew created me for a purpose. Jesus came alive to me and I was taught the true meaning of femininity and God’s design for beauty and love. I found a community of real women who became my sisters and are my most treasured friendships in my life to this day.
— Kayla

I am so thankful for Wonderfully Made. Because of this group I finically found my niche, my purpose and my reason for being at college. The women involved in this ministry were all real – like me; sinners average Joes, imperfect women who loved Jesus. I could relate to them, we had similar stories, similar paths and a similar desire to lead a God-centered life in a place and time in life where that might not be the easiest path to take.
— Grace

Nearly four years after graduation and Wonderfully Made still has a lasting impact on my life. In undergrad I was so focused on academics, often to the detriment of my relationships with God and others around me. So much of my value was integrated with my academic performance. I had also struggled with a negative body image since middle school. I was a part of WM, however, and what I learned from that group of women helped me grow in my relationship with God to overcome these struggles (in God’s time), and has influenced me as a woman, a wife, and now, a mother.
— Emilee

Wonderfully Made is constantly changing and impacting my life. It is ongoing. I will never not be “wonderfully made” — that’s the best part about it. My heart has found a forever home: a place where it is protected, celebrated, nurtured, and stretched. WM wasn’t just  something I did for 4 years, it was (and still is) a lifestyle. It has become part of my soul, my identity. When people ask me to share something about myself, one of the first items on my go-to list of responses is “I’m a WM girl….When my special (wedding) day finally came, six of my nine bridesmaids were present because of Wonderfully Made.
— Allie F.