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Tell Your Mother She’s Beautiful

by Natalie Lynn Borton

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Hopefully by now we’ve all realized that Mother’s Day is on Sunday, and thus ordered our gifts and sent our token cards full of appreciative and loving words. While those are important gestures, I think we too often forget one of the simplest yet more profound ways we can honor our mothers: tell them they’re beautiful.

Regardless of her physical appearance, each of our mothers has God-given beauty that is not recognized nearly enough. First of all they birthed us. Yes, I said birthed. Because it’s true. They carried us in their womb for nearly a year, and then brought us into the world in a super uncomfortable way—that’s the beauty of love right from the start!

Additionally, they raised us. Through sickness and health, good days and bad ones, they contributed to making us the women we are (and are becoming) today. So many things in life can change based on our actions, but one thing is for sure: God gave us our specific mothers on purpose. He planted us in their bellies and intended for us to be in relationship with one another.

With all that in mind, I encourage us all to take a moment to see and acknowledge the beauty our mothers have. Call her, write to her, or tell her face-to-face…just make sure she knows that you see it.

What’s beautiful about your mom?

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