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Ssekos Make My Toes Pretty!

by Allie Marie Smith

Fun news girls…I just bought my first pair of Sseko sandals!

I’m so pumped I had to show you a picture of my feet looking pretty (that is a rarity in itself!). Now if you know me, you know my feet have been the source of a lot of jokes (monkey toes, octypus fingers…the list goes on) so this is a big deal for me to show you a pic of my uber long toes!

“Why Allie, what BIG toes you have!”

“The better to surf with,” I say!

I hate to say to be prideful [insert sarcasm], but don’t they look sooo pretty in my Ssekos?

Paul and I had the joy of hosting the smart, talented, beautiful and hilarious Founder Liz and her adorable husband Ben (am I allowed to say that Liz?) last summer when they came out for their road trip! They are a truly an unforgettable couple – inspiring and sooo much fun to be with.

I’m already looking forward to buying another pair of straps (I got teal of course!) – they are totally interchangeable and you can wear them a hundred different ways so it’s like having a new pair every time you wear them….and they are so boho-chic! And the greatest thing is to know that my purchase helps support the education and empowerment of the beautiful Ugandan women who make them.

Liz, you are such an inspiration to all the wmGirls!

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