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Read Old Books & Keep the New Ones

By December 17, 2010Uncategorized

Some wise legend (I can’t pinpoint who) once said “the only bad thing about new books is that they keep us from reading the old ones.” Only lately have I eagerly been discovering the richness contained within the pages of antiquated books. Books so old the originals smell just like the basement of my grandma’s early 1900’s home.

My new, old favorite is a 1936 edition of “Victorious Living” by E. Stanely Jones, which we inherited through Paul’s dad’s collection. The original owner was evangelist Dr. Amy Lee Stockton, a never-married, fire-ball of a woman who from the 1940’s to 60’s was a regular speaker and counselor for missions conferences and whose “leadership…brought about many decisions for Christ.” I just might have to do a blog all about Amy as she is my new unsung hero in the faith!

I have been enjoying it so much I’ve skipped ahead in its daily devotions. December 20th’s struck a cord with me, having lately been convicted of “eating the bread of idleness” and opening Facebook more often than the pages of a truth-rich book.

“We need to be saved from laziness, inertia, lack of ambition and noncreativeness. The soul must be re-energized, en-kindled, and made alive and fruitful.”

December 20th’s devotion concludes with this prayer:

“O Christ, I pray Thee that today I may be saved from all lethargy, all dodging of responsibility; may I be really alive and alive in worth-while things. Amen.”

Merry Christmas girls. I thank God for you and pray that you have a joy-filled weekend filled with laughter, good fun, friends, family and all things “Christmasy.”

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