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Project Redemption: Holly’s Story

By August 27, 2009Uncategorized

My battle began almost three years ago at the beginning of my sophomore year of college. It began with what I was later diagnosed with as generalized anxiety disorder and depressive disorder. These emotions manifested themselves in destructive methods of coping with life’s difficulties. I would engage in self injurious acts in order to numb the emotional pain and to deal with overwhelming emotions. I developed restrictive eating habits and used food as a method of attempting to control life and the situations around me. I developed panic attacks in a variety of circumstances. All of this quickly turned out to be harmful. My behaviors became consuming, requiring all of my time and energy. Recovery has been a difficult process, but through therapy and medication, God is providing for me every step of the way. He is teaching me my value and worth in Him and I am discovering my identity as a daughter of the king. He is showing me how to partner with Him and fight for His kingdom. Every day, God reminds me that His grace covers me, His love surrounds me, His righteousness clothes me, and by His blood, I am saved. It is still a struggle and the battle is not over, but partnering with God and being dependent on Him is the only way to experience the true freedom that Christ died for! I pray that God will bring me to a place of complete freedom and although I am not there yet, God is healing me. – Holly

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