Wonderfully Made Ring Dish


This lovely handmade clay dish featuring the verse Psalm 139:14 is perfect to hold rings, coins, keys, trinkets, bobby pins and more. Let it serve as a daily reminder of your true beauty, purpose and worth. This is also a thoughtful gift for an amazing girl or women in your life.


This beautiful wonderfully made dish is made from polymer clay and is hand mixed. So each will be unique and one of a kind. They will brighten any table, counter or desk and be a great conversation starter. Please remember that these are handmade with love so each item will not be the same. Depending on your computer the coloring may be a little different. They are approximately 3 1/2 inches.

** Items shown do not come with dish.
**Please do not submerge these in water. To clean use a soft damp cloth and wipe gently.
** These are not intended for food purposes. Do not use them for food.
**These are not ceramic. They are made from polymer clay. It is a softer clay which makes them less likely to break when they are dropped. Bumps and bubbles may happen but it will add to their uniqueness and beauty.
** The widths of the rims will vary. They will all be about the same size but because of their uniqueness they won’t be exact.