PHENOMENALLY CREATED – Trading the Lies You Believe About Your Body for What God Says Is True


Are you consumed by negative thoughts about your body or chasing an ideal image of the body you think you should have? Trade the lies you are believing for what God says is true and find greater freedom.

This magazine-like, 25-page easy to read digital guide features:
-An inspiring article by Allie Marie Smith titled “Our Personal Body Projects”
-A truth-filled article by licensed counselor and eating disorder specialist Travis Stewart titled “Theology of the Body: What God’s Word Says About Your Body”
-10 Journaling questions
-7 Practical tips for your journey towards freedom
-10 Affirmations or Truth Declarations you can say
-Several guided prayers

This guide will help transform the way you view your body so you can experience greater wholeness and freedom in your life. Here at Wonderfully Made we want you to know you true value, identity and purpose so you can fully be who God created you to be.

Ditch that $5 latte for this guide that can help you live more free.

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