We welcome bestselling author Stasi Eldredge to the podcast. Stasi is the co-author along with her husband John of “Captivating,” which has sold three million copies. She is also the author of several other books including “Becoming Myself,” and her heart is to help women and girls embrace the true identity God has for them while experience deeper intimacy with Christ. Stasi shares about her struggles with depression and her weight and how she has seen God meet her in the midst of these personal battles. Allie asks Stasi how we can cultivate joy in seasons of suffering. She shares about the themes presented in her forthcoming book “Defiant Joy” which was birthed out of a personal season of loss. Stasi is also the women’s ministry leader at Ransomed Heart Ministries, a ministry devoted to helping people discover the heart of God, recover their own hearts in God’s love, and learn to live in God’s Kingdom. Stasi and her husband, John, live in Colorado Springs. 
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