58: Beauty in the Brokenness with Ellie Holcomb

58: Beauty in the Brokenness with Ellie Holcomb
12 Feb 2018

Allie interviews one of our favorite singer-songwriters, Ellie Holcomb. Ellie shares about her unexpected path to creating music. She shares about some of the “kairos” moments in her life and some of the ways God has met her in broken, difficult seasons. She opens up about some of the challenging seasons she has faced and what God has taught her about finding her worth and and identity in the wrong places. She shares the stories behind her songs “Wonderfully Made” and “The Valley” and reminds us that God welcomes us to come to Him with our sorrow in our darkest valley moments.

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  1. Melodie Green Says: February 22, 2018 at 10:18 pm

    Saw Ellie and Drew’s performance in Winfield. It was amazing how beautiful they harmonized together! The only drawback was I was hoping to hear more of Ellie by herself! Hope she never gives up touring solo! Her songs are such a blessing to me, especially Broken Beautiful! That is my go to song when I am having a difficult day!

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