13: Elizabeth Tiglao-Guss

13: Elizabeth Tiglao-Guss
25 Oct 2016

Overcoming Mental Health Challenges | Allie interviews Elizabeth Tiglao-Guss, a social entrepreneur, Founder and Owner of Link of Hearts. Link of Hearts is a lifestyle-brand that raises awareness for depression and makes inspirational handmade products in Los Angeles.  Elizabeth is also a mental illness survivor and now, as a result, is a big advocate for mental health. We discuss her personal story about struggling with a mental health challenge, and about how she stepped out in faith to start her business that brings encouragement to others.




  1. Glad to come across this blog, am a survivor myself. It’s been 10 years, God did an amazing job, I can’t even believe it myself at times. I had to ve chained and confined outside overnight. The memories are sad but am very thankful. Stay blessed for what you are doing

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