Permission to Enjoy: Reflections from a Saltwater Cowgirl

10 Nov 2011

by Allie Marie Smith

Print by Mae Chevrette

Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice. (Phillippians 4:4)

What is our chief purpose in life? This famous question presented in the Westminster Shorter Catechism is answered with profound simplicity:

To glorify God, and to enjoy Him forever.

Most of us girls are well aware of the first part of our purpose. But how often do we intentionally enjoy God with total whimsy and absolute abandon? Like, really, completely, fully enjoy God?

The good and perfect gifts God provides come in two forms – physical (or common grace) blessings and spiritual blessings.

The other day I went horseback riding on ocean bluffs and galloped through canyons, picked wild avocados and surfed tiny waves on a giant red longboard. As a girl who has had my dark days and darker nights, I sometimes feel guilty to have such good days. And sometimes the fear that something horrible is going to happen to ruin it all robs me of joy in the moment.

Me on my ride.

While the physical blessings of that day were momentous, it was the spiritual blessing of being clothed in peace that surpasses all understanding that really made me overflow with joy.

So go ahead – intentionally, purposefully and ridiculously enjoy God today. You have His permission.

What physical and spiritual blessings make you most enjoy God?




  1. It may sound silly but God always gives me gifts, especially jewelry.

    Here is an example, and I love that one of my girls (youth girls) was able to witness it unfold. I was at church for our midweek service. I was sharing with Gracie, one of the youth girls, that stressful day that I had just experienced. As we jumped topics in our conversation, I shared with her that God always spoils me with gift especially jewelry. We sat in the sanctuary, worshiped, we studied the word and right before departing we went to the ladies room. While waiting in line I complemented one of the ladies on her bracelet. As soon as I did, she took it off and placed it in my hand. At first I refused to take her bracelet but she insisted. I then looked on to Gracie and said to her, “Now do you believe me that God spoils me with jewelry!?”

    I enjoy that He spoils me with both physical and spiritual gifts that I do not deserve.

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