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Our Shasta Dream

By January 27, 2011Uncategorized

Happy Thursday girls! I am just budding with excitement with fun news to share with you! So many of you know I have been totally smitten and admittedly obsessed with getting a vintage Shasta Airflyte trailer for Wonderfully Made this year! The gorgeous Shasta in these pics belongs to my friend Amber of Enjoy Cupcakes – (if you live in CA & are getting married her cupcakes are way better than cake!). The lovely Janelle took a few of our team photos in front of it before I connected with Amber.

If you’re a dreamer like me, you can probably relate to the feeling of wondering if your ideas are absolutely brilliant or completely insane. More than half the time mine are the latter. So my prayer with this big idea was that if God had his hand on it He would make it abundantly clear and would pave the way and provide. Well, I just got wind that a very sweet, dynamic and generous young woman who loves WM didn’t think the idea was too crazy and gave us a gift in the amount of the budget for our Shasta Airflyte. God has blessed her with a phenomenal job and she has selflessly chosen to give back. I am blown away by her gratitude and the way God provides for His kingdom work.

With continued prayer and surrender of this dream, the Shasta hunt is officially beginning and here’s how we hope to put our beauty to use once we find her!!!
  • Restore it as needed and decorate like crazy till it’s’ Anthropologie-styled out!
  • Paint it teal and white (if needed) and place a big WM decal on the front
  • Take it to colleges and high schools throughout California (and maybe even beyond!) and have it serve as a mobile resource and merchandise table. We’ll pass out new testaments and copies of the “Father’s Love Letter” and engage in meaningful conversation with the women we encounter.
  • Get an expresso and coffee maker and bless God’s girls with hot drinks!
  • Take it to our WM Conferences and events!
  • Have it serve as a backdrop for our WM Photo-booth!
  • Take it on surf trips and one day even film a Christian girls surf movie with it!!
Do you ever think your dreams are crazy? How do you think we can know if our dreams are of our own making or are God-breathed?

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