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Oh Sweet Malibu: Pepperdine Visit with wmVoice Nicole Bromley

By March 26, 2010Uncategorized
Happy Friday Girls!

Here are some snapshots from our visit this week to Pepperdine! One of our wmVoices Nicole Bromley broke the silence about childhood sexual abuse by sharing her story. We closed out the day with two layers of icing on the cake: an unforgettable meeting with the dynamic girls who are bringing a chapter of WM to Pepperdine and a Girl Talk with Nicole & Allie, hosted by Natalie Horne – the newest member of our Exec Team. Hope you enjoy the pics…

Nicole courageously sharing her story “Our Little Secret” at Convo in front 1,200 students.

The new wmGirls of Pepperdine! You girls are compassionate, authentic and inspiring!

Our table…

Girl Talk with Nicole & Allie, hosted by Natalie

Nicole getting real…

A night of smiles and tears…

Natalie, Allie & Nicole

*Special thanks to the amazing team at Pepperdine for making these events happen. Thank you Claire, Sarah, Don and Jonathan for all your hard work and for helping keep it real on Pepperdine’s campus! If you’re a Pepperdine student and are intersted in being a part of our new chapter, email us at

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