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You are loved.
The truth is you are God’s loved beyond measure daughter. To know this and to walk in this truth will fulfill and surpass the deepest longings of your heart. These longings within you have been put there by God so that you may find your way back to Him – to be His, joyfully His, heaven-bound, forgiven and healed.
The God who made you longs to be in a relationship with you. His desire for you is to discover, strengthen and reclaim your value and worth. To tell you how loved and precious and worthy you are in His sight. You, my sister are no accident. You are His beloved daughter. He has planned all of your days before one of them has come to be, He has made you and knows you and wants to see you rise to become the amazing woman He has designed you to be; to rise up and fulfill the irreplaceable role you have been made for.

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