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It’s A Cupcake Party!

by Allie Marie Smith

Hoo-rah…it’s Friday & it’s par-tay time!

I am pretty excited about today because I’m hosting a special picnic party for the junior high girls of our local Christian School. For six weeks, I’ve had the privilege of sharing God’s truth in regards to lots of topics such as media, guys, body image and our worth in Christ.

I coaxed their teacher (my friend Kelli) in to letting us do something extra special to love on the girls. So we’re going to have an outdoor picnic in a beautiful lawn owned by Saarloos & Sons and my friend Amber of Enjoy Cupcakes offered to make us some of her amazing treats. Her cupcakes are seriously the most beautiful, delicious and creative little creations that will ever taste! And she’s also the owner of the fabulous Shasta trailer that inspired my crazy vintage trailer dream for WM (remember?).

I can’t wait to show you girls pictures from our special day together! Ashley Hylton, the sweet, spunky and fabulously talented photographer who shot our last WM Conference is blessings us with her mad photo-taking skills. She’s going to take a portrait of each girl! I think it’s so great for every girl to have a picture of herself she loves that captures her true beauty!

If you could plan a dream party for someone in your life who would it be for? What would it be like?

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