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Introducing the wmCampaign!!!

By February 14, 2010Uncategorized

If you’re a following us on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably already heard about our new effort – the wmCampaign!

The wmCampaign is a a creative movement led by every day girls to help young women know their true beauty and worth.

Here’s How It Works (See above for Ideas!):

Option 1:
1) Take a picture of yourself or your friends with a verse or statement about your true beauty and worth as a daughter of God.
2) Make it your profile picture for FB/Twitter

Option 2:
1) Leave anonymous notes for girls and women to find telling them about how beautiful and dearly loved they are by God.
2) Leave them in fun places such as the inside pages of a magazine, bathroom mirror, dressing room, etc!

*Feel free to add our website ( on the note so more girls can find out about the wmCampaign!

Let’s join together to spread the truth about our beauty and worth to girls everywhere! We’ll be adding all the pictures we receive to our FB album! Email yours to us at

Thanks for being a part of the wmCampaign! We’ll be posting more pictures to our FB page soon!

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