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Inner Beauty

By May 18, 2012beauty

by Natalie Lynn Borton

We are so quick to compliment our girlfriends on their clothing, their hair, and their bodies. It’s natural , of course, because the outer appearance is the most obvious to the eye and the quickest thing to recognize. It’s bold, and sometimes even uncomfortable to acknowledge the inner beauty we see in others. It requires observation, a relationship, and much more humility on our part to tell another woman that she has radiant inner beauty.

Today is Friday (hooray!) and we have an entire weekend ahead of us to socialize and spend time with the ladies in our life. I challenge all of us to withhold our commentary on the externals, and instead look deeper at what really makes those women beautiful: kindness, generosity, confidence, joy, love, or compassion. Once we spot it, let’s say something. After all, inner beauty needs to be told it’s beautiful, too.

What quality of inner beauty do you find most beautiful, radiant or attractive?

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