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Hidden Gems

By November 5, 2012beauty, identity
by Kristina Fertala

This past week I got to explore my new home a little bit more by taking a trip to the aquarium. As I age and learn more about life, I am able to genuinely enjoy and appreciate God’s amazing creativity and general ability. We walked through rooms and rooms of underwater creatures. Each living organism had its own unique color, its own shape, its own living environment, and its own purpose in the ecosystem of life. As we walked through the saltwater portion of the aquarium, we came upon one of my most favorite exhibits, the Jellyfish.

There is something so beautiful about a Jellyfish. The way that is delicately dances through the water with such grace and fluidity, and yet how much power it holds within itself. We were looking at the upside down Jellyfish and how beautiful they were when my friend pointed out the little dots that were floating above the large beautiful Jellies bellow. The little dots turned out to be teeny tiny baby Jellyfish. As I looked closer, they too possessed the same qualities as the larger Jellies, yet almost unseen to the eye. They were just as beautiful, just as capable, and just as powerful.

It made me think of the way that I look at this world and especially people. There are so many large beautiful parts of creation that steal our attention away from the little details of life that are just as beautiful and life giving. It’s easy for us to be attracted to the most apparent qualities of a person – the way they dress, the way they look, their outgoing nature – and not even give the small qualities of their heart a chance. However, just as the little teeny tiny jellyfish are the beginning of a larger jellyfish’s life, our hearts hold the foundations of who we are. Jesus knew this from the beginning. He did not judge others by the way that they looked or the association that they carried, he looked at their hearts and knew that they had a place in the Kingdom of heaven.

This week, as you are going through your life, take a look at the hearts of the people around you. You may be surprised by the hidden beauty that they hold.

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