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Bare-Naked Leadership: Thoughts On Influence & Not Having it All Together

by Allie Marie Smith

I imagine a lot of you girls regularly fight the temptation of feeling like you have to have it all together. Can I get a witness…any one? On top of this, I think the temptation to appear “together” is compounded for those of us who are in some sort of leadership position.

To be real with you I’m struggling with this right now – specially in regards to my HEAL Journey. I’d much rather not admit that I’ve been experiencing some unexpected struggles in this area of my life because as someone who has written a book on the topic, you might expect me to no longer be a work in progress. But I am. The truth is I’m still on my HEAL Journey and always will be because this is a journey of inward transformation and lasting change.

God has truly freed me from disordered eating behaviors that once plagued me. I no longer struggle with restrictive eating, bingeing, purging, chronic dieting or hateful thoughts toward my body. I am free, but I believe there is more freedom to be had. Sometimes on our journeys, whatever journey it may be, we take one step closer to freedom then to take two steps back.

I trust that there is good to be found in my recent setbacks – God is still doing a new thing in me. This is what my setbacks and shortcomings are teaching me:

He’s not finished with us yet.

His promise is true: “…Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” I believe Christ is more than capable to give us complete freedom from addictions, illness and disordered behaviors this side of eternity. Even greater is the promise that He completes His work, healing and redemption in heaven.

Your flaws, doubts, shortcomings and weakness don’t disqualify you from leadership or influence – they qualify you. God uses our struggles to equip us to relate to other people. They create compassion for others and force us to rely greater on God for our strength. Honesty creates an environment of authenticity and authenticity brings hope and freedom.

In what area of your life can you relate to feeling discouraged from not having it all together? Do you ever struggle with being authentic?

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