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December Blog Reading Plan: Best of Know Your Value

We thought we would do something different this December and we hope you like it! Rather than posting new content, we have very thoughtfully gathered some of the most popular and prized blogs we’ve collected on Know Your Value over the past four years. We’ve picked out 31 of our most widely read and appreciated posts for you to revisit or enjoy for the first time.

So grab your warm beverage of choice and enjoy! And then come back tomorrow and the day after. There is one post for each day in December, so there is plenty of reading to enjoy!

December 1st: Red Flags: When You Know You Need to Dump Him | by Jeff Bethke
December 2nd: Choose the Crown | by Jennifer Strickland
December 4th: We Would Rather Have Ryan Gosling As Our Jesus | by Emily Sledge
December 5th: Spiritual Promises | by Jeff Bethke
December 6th: Fashion + Compassion: Raven + Lily | by Allie Marie Smith
December 7th: Our Newest HerStory Film: Kelly | by Allie Marie Smith
December 8th: The Games Girls Are Made to Play | by Jeff Bethke
December 9th: Little Dresses and Big Confidence | by Natalie Lynn Borton
December 10th: He Will Finish You | by Christina Stolaas
December 11th: Surrendering | by Laura Gonzalez
December 12th: The Bleeding Woman: From Outcast to Daughter | by Raquel Rodriguez 
December 13th: Dear High School Body | By Kristie Vosper
December 14th: All Things Beautiful | By Allie Marie Smith
December 15th: Mary of Bethany: Fragrance of Christ | by Raquel Rodriquez
December 16th: You’re Not Alone in Feeling Alone | by Kati Smith
December 17th: That’s What My Mom Said: Hand-Me-Down Dating Advice | by Kristie Vosper
December 18th: Top 5 Positive iPhone Apps | by Natalie Lynn Borton
December 19th: The Adult Pacifier | by Kati Smith
December 20th: Shoes That Fit | By Jonalyn Grace Fincher
December 21st: Loving My Neighbor How? | by Catherine Galbraith
December 22nd: Treasure Yourself | by Natalie Lynn Borton
December 23rd: Suffering For Our Greater Good | Carmen Miller
December 25th: Heavenly Perfection: Why Our Desire for Perfect Is Okay | by Allie Marie Smith
December 26th: WM Spotlight: Sarah Hill | by Rachel Johnson
December 27th: Dear Fear of What Others Think | by Jesse Rice
December 28th: Fickle Facebook | by Kati Smith
December 29th: The Widow With Two Coins: Becoming a Giver | by Raquel Rodriguez
December 31st: Soul Resolutions: A New Years Post | by Natalie Borton

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