Hilary and Kate
Guitarist and vocalist, Hilary Watson, and violinist Kate Feldtkeller travel the world together. Their sweet harmonies and gospel style hymns create a heart melting sound. They currently reside in San Luis Obispo, California but are most often found on the wide open road. Their album City of God is available on iTunes.

Danya Collyer

Danya is a worship leader and stylist from Monterey, CA, who loves to snuggle her dog, Blakely, hike along the Monterey coast and decorate her little beach cottage.  She and her husband, Brenton, can be found leading worship at Calvary Monterey on most weekends, or hunting for good coffee on gray Monterey weekdays.  She is passionate about encouraging women to not only be content with and confident in who they are, but to thrive in the midst of everyday life.

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